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Mix & Match Box (12 Cookies - 4 Flavours)


BE SURE TO ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER OF THE FOUR FLAVOURS YOU WOULD LIKE! (Failure to do so will result in your order being cancelled.)

•Chocolate Chunk (Allergens: SOYA)
•Chocolate & Coconut (Allergens: SOYA)
•White Chocolate & Pistachio (Allergens: SOYA + PISTACHIO)
•Cherry & Almond (Allergens: SOYA + ALMOND)
•S'mores (Allergens: SOYA)
•'Jammie Dodger' (Allergens: SOYA + GF OATS)
•White Chocolate & Raspberry (Allergens: SOYA)
•'Notella' Stuffed (Allergens: SOYA + HAZELNUT)

For a full list of ingredients see ingredients page.

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